Monday, April 29, 2013
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Relief Method for Metatarsal Foot Pain

If you are experienced foot pain in the top of your foot, you may have metatarsal foot injury. The metatarsal is five relatively long bones, in each foot, that attaches the phalanges bones in the ball of foot. When your daily activity or participation in a sport game stressing and causing fracture in those bones, you will experience a considerable amount of pain from your foot. The pain can be really annoying and excruciating to the extent that it will obstruct your daily activities. Fortunately to ease your pain there are several method you can try for metatarsal foot pain and lessen your foot problem.Z2DAFN9Z275F

Use of Better Shoes
In some cases you don’t need to look far away for metatarsal foot pain relief. You can simply change your shoes and find that the foot pain metatarsal you have been suffered for so long will finally gradually disappear. This can be possible when the pain is actually caused by ill-fitting or too old shoes that make your arches went unsupported and stressed. If that’s the case then your foot pains and aches actually come from the base of the big toe or in the ball of the foot. You can solve this problem by buying a new pair of shoes that offer better support for your arches and fit you your type of foot, as easy as that. You can opt for motion-control shoes if you have flat feet or you can choose extra-cushioned shoes if you have high arches type of foot. Moreover if you are still wondering what type of foot you have you can do a small test using a small bit of water and a piece of water. First you put your foot on the water then step it into the paper and let the water to soak in the water.  Observe the footprint afterward. No dry indentation means flatfoot and vice versa.

Use of Orthotics and Cushioning          
If changing to better fit shoes won’t help you can try to relief the metatarsal foot pain by using special made foot support or cushioning named orthotics. Arch foot pain can be caused by deformation in your feet which lead to unsupported part of foot. The orthotics can help you solve this problem and you can easily get that at your nearest podiatrist. If you are not willing to pay much for a visit to podiatrist and to buy the orthotics you can opt for cheaper option of foot cushioning sold at your local running store to reduce stress that causes the pain and aches.

Avoid Excessive Exercise and Rest   
Finally the simplest method for foot pain treatment is by give yourself and your foot a break. In many cases, the metatarsal foot pain is caused by stress from excessive sport or military exercise. To solve this problem you simply have to give some time for your foot to rest and reduce the stress that is caused by the exercises. After some rest you may find your foot pain gradually disappear, as simple as that.


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