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Brief Introduction to Proximal 5th Metatarsal Fracture

If you are into sport, you might encounter Proximal 5th Metatarsal Fracture, an injury to the proximal portion of the fifth metatarsal that can be caused by direct trauma, overuse and excessive rotational force while playing sport or daily activities. In general this kind of injury is often encountered by people playing sport that using foot often like soccer or football. Many top soccer players were forced to sit on the sideline due to metatarsal fractures with the most notable stars including ex-England captain David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerard and Ashley Cole all have sustained various kind of metatarsal injury in the recent years.

Understanding Metatarsal Injury: Foot Anatomy
To understand better about the 5th metatarsal fracture injury, firstly we should know about human foot anatomy. Each human foot has five metatarsal bones. The metatarsal are the fairly long bones which are placed between the 'Phalanges' bones in the toes and the “tarsal” bones. The metatarsal bones have major role in the two basic feet and ankle functions: support and propulsion. The bones functions to hold up the entire body by acting like balance-aid flexible structure. Experts divide the 5th metatarsal bone into four segments:  the shaft, the junction of the base and the shaft, the neck and the base. In relation with the metatarsal injury, various different kind of bone fracture can occurs to each segment of the metatarsal bones with the fifth metatarsal become the most prominent “victim” due to foot and ankle twisting injury.

The Causes
As it has been mentioned earlier the proximal 5th metatarsal fracture can be happened through direct trauma. Fractured 5th metatarsal often happen in soccer game when a player accidentally kick other player boot or accidentally stepping in an opponent’s foot. The chance of people getting injured from direct trauma is quite high because there is only small and thin soft tissue to protect the bone in the top of the foot. Besides direct injuries you can also get your metatarsal fractured after excessive rotational movement, like doing a sudden pivot movement when your heel above the ground. The last prominent cause of 5th metatarsal injury is overuse. It can be happen if you are training excessively without really considering the condition of your metatarsal bones. It’s hard to prevent metatarsal fracture as most of them happened in the sport game, in the heat of situation. However to decrease the chance, you can always try to be more careful with your foot during sport to avoid fatal injury.

The treatment
There are various treatments to proximal 5th metatarsal fracture including ankle splints, elastic wrapping, cast and low-profile walking boot. If you had fractured 5th metatarsal, you should limit your movement and only bearing weight on your injured feat in really light level. The treatments have to be done continuously for about three to six weeks until the symptoms healed completely. Notice that you should really be careful not to put too much stress to your injured feet because it may longer the healing process.


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