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Introduction to Broken Metatarsal Treatment

You have injured your foot and your physician said that it’s the metatarsal bones that get the damage, and you are like “what is this metatarsal thing”? So then you decide to Google it and ended up in this article. Well done, you have visited the right site. In this article I will explain in the simplest way as possible about the metatarsals injury, the symptom and broken metatarsal treatment. Firstly we have to say that metatarsal injury is a quite common injury, especially in sport. If you are playing sport that enable contact of foot like soccer you might at some point encountered this kind of injury. Fancy soccer stars like David Beckham of LA Galaxy for example, have to be sidelined for two months and almost missed a world cup thanks to the injury.  Many other soccer stars are also forced to struggle with this injury so you know that you are not alone in this boat.

What is Metatarsal Injury?
Before explaining the broken metatarsal treatment it is better for us to know at these metatarsal bones first. If you are wondering which part of your foot called metatarsal, you can check the top part of your foot and feel between the 'Phalanges' bones in the toes and the 'Tarsal' bones of the hind-foot. You can feel a fairly long bone there, five in each foot. That is the metatarsal bones. While the form is quite little, the bones have major task to help the foot and ankle maintaining balance and holding the body weight. This is why when you get metatarsal injury; you get so hurt when you are standing because the bodyweight stress your metatarsal bones.

The Cause of Metatarsal Injury 
People go to the physician, got diagnosed for metatarsal injury and have to perform broken metatarsal treatment for many causes. However there are three main causes of the injury. The first cause is overuse. You can find this case in people who do excessive training, whether in sport or military training. Great quantity of training can stress the metatarsal bones and accumulate along the time. The second cause of metatarsal injury is excessive rotational forces. This usually happen to ballet dancer or soccer player who jump and land awkwardly which then causing the bones to crack or broke. The last and arguably the most prominent cause of metatarsal bones injury is direct trauma. In soccer game, like ankle injuries, metatarsal injuries can happen when a player accidentally stepping in or kicking other players foot, like what happened to David Beckham before the 2002 world cup. The metatarsal bones are prone to direct trauma because it only have little tissue to protect it.

Broken Metatarsal Treatment
There is various kind of treatment that can be performed for metatarsal fracture treatment, and all applied depending on the extent and type of the fracture/break:
•    The easiest broken metatarsal treatment is rest and let the time heal the metatarsal bones injury.
•    Using cast or stiff-soled shoe to immobilize the injured foot
•    Surgery may be needed if the bones broken really badly.
•    To regain full function of your feet you may have to endure physical therapy.


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