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Metatarsal Stress Fracture Treatment

People with high intensity of sport activity or physically demanding daily activity can be exposed to the risk of metatarsal stress fracture. It is an injury that when the one of (or more) metatarsal bones on your foot broken or fractured. This kind of foot injury is mostly caused by excessive repetitive physical activity such as in sports: soccer, running, and basketball; or military training. The stress accumulated from the physical activity could lead you to painful and excruciating experience. Fortunately there is simple method for metatarsal stress fracture treatment and we will share them with you here in this article. Q9JF2Q7JDSQD

Method to Identify Metatarsal Stress Fracture
People can have a really difficult time identifying metatarsal stress fractures because the damage it caused appear slowly and gradually unlike other injury from direct trauma like broken ankle. To identify it more easily you might want to know about stress fracture symptoms, here some method to recognize the injury:

•    Look if there is any bruising or swelling on your metatarsal’s foot area, this can be the sign of metatarsal stress fracture.
•    Try checking out your foot by gently touching it. If you feel a little bit or in much pain after the touch that’s another sign that you might need metatarsal stress fracture treatment immediately.
•     Check on your recent physically-related-activity. The higher the intensity of your physical activity like running and exercising in gym the higher the risk to get the metatarsal stress fracture.  
•    The best way to check your injury is by visiting a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist. Explain to the time you start getting the pain, the symptom and your recent physical activity. To make their diagnoses even more accurate they usually confirming it using n X-ray or bone scan of your foot.  
Metatarsal Stress Fracture: The treatment
When you are actually getting the metatarsal stress fracture there are a couple of things you should do to treat it. The very first things to do are to stay off your injured foot. Another stress from taking your own body weight can make the healing process or make the injury worsen. The next treatment for metatarsal stress fracture is to take anti inflammatory drug, for example: ibuprofen, to help reducing pain and inflammation. Don’t forget to pay attention on the dosage instructed on the drug’s label.  The third step is to apply some ice to the injured foot to help ease the swelling. Do this step for 15-20 minutes and use towel to protect your skin. After swelling ease up you might want to wear supportive shoes to provide the much needed support for the injured foot. Last but not least, if the condition of the foot doesn’t improved in six week visit your doctor and ask him about further treatment

Metatarsal Stress Fracture: Back to Normal
After performing every step of metatarsal stress fracture treatment and get rest for a couple of week you might find that your foot will gradually return to its normal condition. With proper treatment for stress fracture the pain will slowly gone and you can return to your normal activity after performing simple rehabilitation by introducing light exercise to your previously injured foot. 


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